sparking across the points

I finally got my 76 Puch Maxi to spark by grounding the wires from the engine except for the blue ignition wire, but now it sparks at the points as well as the spark plug. I understand that this usually means the condenser is bad.

Is there a way to test the condenser with a multimeter or by other means?

Is there some other problem I am not aware of that could cause sparking at the points?

I would like to be sure that the condenser is bad before I have to order a replacement.


Re: sparking across the points

You can test it with a multimeter, if the meter has a cap testing function. It should read around 0.22uF, for a Puch.

Otherwise, you can check it on the ohms scale - it should show infinite resistance - but that only tells you if it's shorted or not (in your case, you'd be looking for an open condenser, not a short - so the ohms test is of limited usefulness).

The best way to test it, would be to get ahold of a good condenser (just about any will do) and temporarily connect it in parallel with the one that is suspect. If the arcing goes away, or gets much better, than replace the old one.

Re: sparking across the points

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

you already confirmed it by seeing an arc at the points. your spark at the plug is probably orange instead of blue. not good.

replace the condenser

p.s. let me know how you got that damn thing out of there.

Later, Blaine

Re: sparking across the points

Most likely it is bad, to remove you must remove the timing plate, first mark so you can install exactly as removed or you will be going though setting the timing. Be carful and mark the timing plate and the case. You will need to press the conderser out from the back. Use a socket on each side. A real big one on the top and one about the size of the condenser on the bottom. Use a big clamp or a bench vice to push from the backside to the front. Good luck. An alternative is to take the old condenser apart by cutting.

Re: sparking across the points

Ok, I purchased a replacement condenser and soldered it in place, and this alleviated the problem somewhat, but I am still getting intermittent sparking across the points.

I'm thinking that perhaps I connected the new condenser improperly... Is there a right way to connect it? Does it matter if the blue and black wires are touching where they make contact with the condenser?

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. Thanks for the tip about using a socket and vise to push the old condenser out. It worked like a charm!

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