cleaning gurtner carb.?

i've taken off the gurtner card on my motobylette 50V 3 times now to clean it. It works fine to ride but puddles gas overnight. I'm sure the float is sticking but i can't seem to get it clean. any advice?

Also do i need to remove throttle and choke cables to fully remove carb from ped? i've been leaving them attached when cleaning the carb. If so what is easiest way to remove cables? thanks.

btw i've ordered new petcock as the original one is obviously shot.

Re: cleaning gurtner carb.?

float goes pointy side up, take a close look at the point and try to reshape it if needed. If it is a slow leak, the petcock may provide good enough drip control.

the choke cable can enter the top of the carb (on the piece with the throttle) then you can take off the carb very easily. this way the ball end of the choke cable will be pulling directly up on the brass enrichener valve. I have modified all my gurtners in this way.

the little white plastic choke slide piece is not need if you modify it like this

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