Newly purchased '80 Clinton

I just purchased a 1980 Clinton with 35 actual miles on it. It looks like its just purchased new today and runs great from the little ive run it. I do have a question about oil/gas leakage from the underside of the head. There is a small hole about the size of the tip of a pinky finger where it leaks from a little bit. Is this a weep hole for excess oil that wasnt burned so it wont go into the exhuast pipe? Also I need to hook a battery up and am not sure which wires to use is there any diagrams someone knows of before I attempt. Thanks much.

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

I am not familiar with the "Clinton" or what engine is in it.

About that pinky sized hole; when it runs does exhaust come out of it? I would think not because with a hole on the head you could not get compression and the engine would not run.

There is a possibility that there is supposed to be a compression relaese valve there and for some reason it is now missing.

Can you post some photos of the bike and of the engine and particularly of the "hole" area?

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

If its a Clinton 50-a then the whole bike is basicly a sachs with a different name.

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

OK, does the Sachs use a compression release?

The photos of the Clintons in the photo section sure look like Sach. It seems that I can see a decompression control wire running down to the head.

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

I have a sachs 504/1a on my '78 flyng dutchman and it has a decompression valve whitch is connected to the clutch cable and mine leaks a little to so it must be for "excess" crap that comes out of it

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

you could always find a way to plug it.....

Re: Newly purchased '80 Clinton

yah i was thinking of plugging mine what shold i use? also my tranny oil leaks pretty bad out of the place where the cable gose in what should i use for that

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