Puch/Penny Carb Issue

So, my 1977 Puch/Penny Pinto has not been idling for a while now, and my concern has been growing steadily from minor problem to "what the hell?!" (although I'm not about to type in all caps and curse like the dickens like some others here on the forum, lol).

Anyway, after the ten zillionth time of cleaning the carb, I found a teeny-weeny incongruency between my carb and the Puch carb diagram found on the mopedriders.org website. I'm apparently missing a little jet of some sort in the fuel input-banjo bolt thing (see picture), but I cannot figure out for the life of me what the thing is called, let alone find one anywhere. The Puch Bing carb diagram I'm using is from the 1980-81 mopeds, but these carbs did not change any, to the best of my knowledge, from the time my pinto was built to 81.

It seems silly that one pinhead-sized chunk of metal can prevent a moped from operating smoothly, but that's the only thing I can find wrong in the carb, where the idling problem seems to be stemming from.

So, coulc this little piece be my problem-does idling rely on this? And where can I find another?

thanks for your help...!


Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

nah.. i'm pretty sure the arrow points to a cone shaped fuel filter screen. Someone posted that same pic a few days ago..

Is this a continuation of your previous thread?

"THIS THREAD?":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/6/52320/52320/

if so, what have you done as far as detecting or plugging possible vacuum leaks.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

yep thats just a little mesh filter. you can try sealing the gap were the carb mounts to the intake its that slit. and then see what happens


Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

and i'd get a clean clear glass container. Drain about a cup or two of fuel directly from the hose at the banjo. Examine it for the slightest traces of particles settling to the bottom.

The idle jet is tiny and esily blocked.

A missing fuel screen combined with dirty fuel means clean carb = dirty carb.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

I ordered a new set of gaskets (Including the carb to manifold one in question) from 1977, and put them on. Everything there is tight, I know that.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

I also have an inline fuel filter, which filters it between leaving the tank and entering the carb, so I don't think that's the issue. I will try this, however.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

hmm.. ok..

may as well grasp at another straw.. Does the idle speed screw make contact with and actually open the slide?

describe how the bike runs and acts at speeds other than idle.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

I don't know about the screw...might have to get back to you on that. I'm guessing it works well, it adjusted fine before it didn't idle, and I haven't taken it out or anything.

The 'ped is a little reluctant to start, but I'm not worried about that, It's going by the second try. I get it up to top speed (19 or so) and I can criuse around no problem. When I let go of the throttle, the bike gradually slows, and at 10 mph the bike vibrates a good deal, and by 7 mph the engine cuts out.

I'm sure this is something really stupid I'm just overlooking, but I'm new to this, so stick with me...

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

while you're draining some fuel, note how quickly it exits the hose.. a thin or broken trickle or a thick, steady stream..

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

seems to be coming out smoothly. nothing brown or rust-colored in the fuel (although there is some crap in the filter, but that's why that's there).

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

the inline filter is there because the bike is missing a screen or two. Screens provided by the manufacturer allow the tiny stuff (stuff that clogs paper filters) to pass through..

If all screens are intact, the inline is there for no reason.. but whatever.. Flow from the tank is good at this time.

Your description...

_When I let go of the throttle, the bike gradually slows (from 19mph), and at 10 mph the bike vibrates a good deal, and by 7 mph the engine cuts out_

...points to something capable of seriously restricting fuel supply or interfering with the carb's ability to provide the correct air:fuel mixture.

Does the choke open completely? Are choke and throttle cables adjusted correctly?

Various bikes have different means and methods of applying and releasing choke. I'm not familiar with the Pinto's.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

the choke gets released when the throttle is opened, and the idle screw manually raises the carb slide,

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

Errgh! I KNEW it was something small and stupid.

I forgot to attach the choke slide to the stick-looking thing that sticks out the top. But in the process, though, I mangled my (already kinda rusty) throttle cable. In the words of Vonnegut, "So it goes."...

Beginner's mistake, sorry. Thanks to everyone who racked their brains over this.

Re: Puch/Penny Carb Issue

woo hoo! That calls for a beer.

another one bites the dust...

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