Is a condenser really needed

on a sachs 504/1a motor if so what dose it do because i looked on my suzuki's and honda and they dont have one.

Re: Is a condenser really needed

one is cdi and one has points.

Re: Is a condenser really needed

mine has points and a condenser whats a cdi?

Re: Is a condenser really needed

might be suprising to a few people but actually, a magneto doesn't exactly need one to produce a spark.. but one is always used .. keep looking on the honda and suzuki.

A condenser does a couple things. It is capable of absorbing (and releasing) some quantity of electricity, like a bttery, only a condenser can do it instantly.

The condenser absorbs voltage spikes and prevents the points from arcing and so quickly corroding the points' contacts.

Is also strengthens the spark by speeding up the collapse of the coil's magnetic field. The condenser is able to very quickly absorb electrical energy in the coil's wire. The faster that happens, the faster the coil's magnetic field collapses, and the stronger the spark.

Re: Is a condenser really needed

hmm ok i get it so i do need one in order for my moped to run _right_ im going to put it back in and do a few more things and if i have no lucky ill just order a new one

Re: Is a condenser really needed

the C in CDI stands for capacitor, which is a modern technical term for a condenser.. if that tells ya anything. Capacitor Discharge Ignition.

in CDI, the points are replaced by an electronic switch and sensors that detect the crankshaft spinning.

"here's a pretty good, easy to understand basic info page":

Re: Is a condenser really needed

yes you NEED it, Sachs engines will not run at all without it. I've gone thru a few on mine. Always the first suspect when it starts running shitty. The little black cap under the rolled over metal on top should "NOT" spin, wiggle or move. If it does it is suspect and should be replaced.


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