Honda Aero 80 problems


I have a Honda Aero 80 made in 1983 and it starts and everything but it seems as though the throttle is stuck. How do i make the throttle work again. When i start it, it either goes at full blast or sits at idle. Thanks for viewing and helping me out.



Re: Honda Aero 80 problems

is it the cable thats stcuk or the grip or carb slide?

if its the cable take of the cable from the twist-grip and spray some wd-40 or penetrating lube in it and try to pull it in and out with pliers but bcarefull not to fray it

if its the grip try taking of the whole assembly from the handlebar and grease it while trying to turn it

if its the carb you need to take that apart and clean it

Re: Honda Aero 80 problems

yup there should be a bolt on the twist grip first loosen the and slide the twist grip off get some grease or wd40 ne thing that will lube engine oil if u want you will find some work better than others but ya luble that up. then take the slide out of the top of the carborator. folow the line down from the twist grip it will go into the top of the carb. then fine there shoud be some type of screws nearby that will losen up like a panel type thing that just realy holds the line. then there will be a metal wall attached to the line. it can fall off the line but its pritty self exsplanitoy as to how to get it back on. check that spring that is inbetween that panell and the metal wall.all still on the line after u slid it out. then look at the metal wall thing for dirt or scuffmarks or things that would stop it from slidding up and down. dont put wd40 or grease here use carb cleaner or some starter fluid if u just clean it off with a paper towel it will be fine tho

Re: Honda Aero 80 problems

Thanks guys. I will try those things out and let you know how it went. Again, Thanks!

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