Motobecane Issues

I tightened the exhaust bolt (does this have a proper name) and now I can't go over 20mph. It starts right away and gains speed only slightly slower than it did before this problem occurred. I think the problem might be a clog in the carb, though, so I am going to clean that tomorrow. I guess my question is, would tightening that bolt change anything? The arrows point to it in the pic.


Re: Motobecane Issues

of course not thats just the exhaust unless it was loose when you took it apart and it was running faster because the exhaust was running open header other than that it wouldnt effect anything

Re: Motobecane Issues

Leon Swarmer /

if your muffler /exhaust system is plugged up, having a leak there could help it run quite a bit better. clean the pipe/muffler.

Do a search

amazingly clean exterior BTW


Re: Motobecane Issues

Did that stator assembly come chrome like that or did you have it done? Either way that is hot.

Re: Motobecane Issues

they all look that way under the gray plastic covers

Re: Motobecane Issues

It looks great when it is polished.

I got it running again, too. I just made some adjustments to the carb.

Re: Motobecane Issues

no mine isnt chrome

its got kind of a gold color to it

Re: Motobecane Issues

I am pretty sure mine is chrome.

Re: Motobecane Issues

Who's moby is that in the pic? Looks like an oldie.

Re: Motobecane Issues

It is an oldie. It is from a French site whose URL I can't seem to find again. It has the same exhaust set up as mine. I wish I could find the site again, the ped is in perfect condition.

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