It wont idle!!!

My 86 honda doesnt want to idle. Ill get it started but i have to keep giveing it gas or it dies. Can any one help me?

Re: It wont idle!!!

does it had an ide screw? if it does turn it up . not sure on honda.

Re: It wont idle!!!

Ya i think it does. Thanks

Re: It wont idle!!!

Spree's have an electric choke or bystarter as it is know. Often times they add more fuel when warm than is needed and the engine will flood out and stall. It could also just be a clogged slow speed jet.

Re: It wont idle!!!

There's a million reasons why it might not idle properly. An easy thing to check is whether the airfilter is secured properly. I had a stock 85 Honda Aero once that wouldn't idle. Turned out the top of the airbox was a little loose letting in too much air...

Other than that would need more info on your bike.

Was it running properly before?

Has any maintenence been done?

Is it stock or modified?

Has it been sitting for months or more?

Etc, etc

Re: It wont idle!!!

Well ive sent it in many times but it turns out the shop i sent it to was using used parts and chargeing me the price as if it was brand new. So i stopped going there and had one of my friends look at it and it needed a new starter and the battery was shot, well i repalced all the parts and it would start ok but it wont idle thats about all i know.

Re: It wont idle!!!

i would first take apart and clean the carb

try it again

if not, check for airleaks

it may even be worn seals

its too hard to say for now

double check EVERYTHING

Re: It wont idle!!!

make sure you clean that small jet, if it is clogged, it will cause just what you are talking about.

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