Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

I tried to fix this leak by putting a new, slightly thicker gasket for the trani. It fits well, and i think thats where most of the leakage is coming from, the seal part. So, the thicker gasket works well, nothing comes through. BUT, this gasket wont work because it makes the clutch plate stick out 1/8 of a millimeter. This makes it impossible to start w/ the clutch lever down because it WILL NOT CATCH.

SO. i have to take that gasket off. When i put the other, stock gasket, it fits, and starts as it should..but theres leakage of trani oil.

I am thinking of putting the origainal, thinner gasket back on, and buying some kind of welding sealant material, and just pach up whereever i think the leak is coming from.

Anyone have a leak on their puch trani fuild like this?

I ALSO noticed that some of the fuild also creeps down from above where the kickstand is. Theres a tiny line of fluid that comes down, and drips off the kickstand screws. I have no idea where this line of leak is coming from. There are two screws up there that look like thats where is coming from, but they are very tight, and i dont think anything is escaping from there..

Any help would be helpful :)


Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

I was just looking aroun the house and considered using the following to pach the leaks..tell me if they are good ideas or not..

liquid nail

soder (metal, melted on) iron

JB weld

Re: Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

dont soder it!!! heat + tranney fluid = FIRE!

Re: Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

easiest way to fix the issue is to go out to the hardware/auto store and pick up a tube of non hardening gasket sealer. pull the tranny cover off and clean the gasket and both the mating surfaces on the cast and the cover. I think coat of the gasket sealer will do the trick just wait a 10min before assembling the parts (the sealer works best when it's a little tackey).

Or you could go buy another gasket...

Re: Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

For the tranny cover I just use RTV silicone and it works awesome.

hahaha, I had a thread on a leaking puch kickstand a while ago. Pray that no one messed with the threads or tried to retap the kickstand thread holes. The metal is sort of thin in this area. I had to seperate my crankcase halves and fill the hole with jb weld where someone tried to drill a new one.

I have a picture of the hole somewhere. Do a search for "leaking puch kickstand" within the past year for some pics.

Re: Puch Transmission Fuild Leak

you can also use teflon tape and wrap some around the threads.. worked for my leaky maxi trans.

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