Indian, A little info PLEASE!

i got this indian,i hate it, ummm its been broke for a while, ive been fucking with it....started riding it today....

it has no power...i know these things have shitty low end but it won't start from a stop with out push or pedal can sit on it, full open throttle and it doesnt move reaches 32mph or so once it starts going.

it barely will idle....sometimes it does. also it seems to be running hot...real hot. the big issue is the lack of power.

is it valves?

cam timing?

point timing?


Note to self: never buy a four stroke "moped"

also this thing is for sale as is 250$ in richmond virginia

it looks real nice besides some pitted chrome. paint hardly has a scratch.

Re: Indian, A little info PLEASE!

problally a clutch problem.. i had an indian and it didnt have much take off power either. once it got going it was great. also.... check the rings!

Re: Indian, A little info PLEASE!

my expearince is valve timing, I've fixed two Indians, and if the valve timing is off they don't run right, but when they are tuned up they have way way more low end power then a 2 stroke, I was just fixing one tonight (kill switch problem) and took it for a test ride, and remembered why I would choose one over a puch or tomos any day, the power band is so smooth, and they are fast.

Re: Indian, A little info PLEASE!

how would you adjust valve timing. is the cam direct chain or belt driven?

Re: Indian, A little info PLEASE!

You might have the largest sprocket on the front, this will make them very sluggish on take off, but do about 36mph on top inn. They made about 4 different size front sprockets, for these things, yours is a 16tooth I bet. I try to use the 14 tooth, .The 11 tooth is great for hills, with a top speed of about 27. I have some of these sprockets. If I lived closer to you, I would buy that Indian in a heartbeat for 250. Tom

Re: Indian, A little info PLEASE!

chain driven, you can adjust the timing by turning the stator, or adjusting the points.

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