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whats the deal with an exhaust gasket...can i reuse it?...or do i need a new one....can i make one?...tell me everything i need to know before i put my moped back together

Re: exhaust gasket

If the original doesn't seal second time around because it's crushed, and if the design allows, make a nice thick soft one out of a couple layers of exhaust-gasket paper material (probably whitish color) available at an autoparts store.

Trace the old gasket with a ball point pen and cut the paper out with a sharp Xacto knife and scissors.

Line up the muffler and just snug down all of it's support bolts carefully ..

You want the cylinder/header flange bolts completely tight first so the flange is surely lined up properly, but dont allow the whole weight of the muffler to be supported by them alone. They are small and relatively weak. And, of course do not strip those threads. With a good gasket and flat mating surfaces the nuts will not need to be overtightened.

Then finish tightening everything else.

The consitant, penetrating high pitched pop of even a tiny exhaust leak is very annoying and can be exhausting :) on long rides.. kinda like Chinese Water Torture by Moped.

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