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i finally found carb parts for my

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Wait till you find out the price of a belt.

Try look under Honda Camino.

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I wouldn't buy the float set yet. Just get the gasket set then do a clean clean clean and reassemble.

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Some of these parts are expensive, but this bike has a very sensitive and precise design...insides and tank and petcock MUST be spotless! Once you have it that way keep it that way by using high octane gas and honda 2 stroke oil...also use a little stabil fuel stabilizer...very cheap insurance against corrosionand keeps gas fresh for years! REALLY! also if you are not going to run the bike for a few days or winter storage turn off fuel petcock and run it dry..this will take longer than you when it dies try and start it until it will not any more. This keeps fuel from sitting in carb and posibly gumming up. P.S. I believe the belt on my Hobbit carries a Mitsubishi #...if you want me to look it up e-mail me. Some parts may be available from Honda...may take a while to get.

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The belt is an OEM item made by MitsubOshi not MitsubIshi and can only be bought thru Honda dealers. Last time I checked the price was about $35.00

I have read on a previous posting that you can use a belt from NAPA parts #5L420W but I have not tried it.

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