My 103 is running great at an idle, but it can't get out of it's own way, really gutless. I've cleaned the carb, carb cleaner and high pressure, confirmed spray through every oraface on the thing. Reassembled and still no change. I did my first ever plug chop, and the ceramic looks pretty white, not tan like it should, also have a little moisture on the mettal rim on the plug body. I've also done a pressure test, 120#, I think that should be ok. Where do I go from here? Also, is there a spring behind the little ball on the main jet? If so that may be my problem because I can't get that to move.


Your jet has holes in the side that let the gas in, and then it travels up through the tiny hole.

I think you may want to check your timing, because you've pretty much assured that your have a good carb. Do you have the airbox on this thing?


yes I have an air box on the thing, I just put a filter in it, didn't have one before so I used a piece of foam from a lawnmower filter. This bike was working just fine, would go about 25 mph, then one day it just quit on me. Later I got it to start then it would do as it is now, it will idle fine, (beter now that I cleaned the carb) but it had no poop. Will this bike just loose it's timing all of a sudden, because that is what happened, 25 mph then nothing and now maybe 8mph with a nice smooth idle.

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