sputtering pinto

Went for a group ride the other night, after stopping I start up my pinto and give it some gas. It will not increase RMP. It is like it is just sputtering, it will rev and then die when i sit on it and try to twist the throttle it just sputters sputters and then dies. It must have some gas, cause it idles just barely. Could it be timing, Could it be fuel. It did foul the plug I put a new one in and had the same problem. The fouling could be from trying to run it but getting no power. Where do I start?

Re: sputtering pinto

Check the plug. This also happenned to me and my jet was clogged (in the carb). Clean your carb! Buy a can of carb cleaner. You can also open up the carb and take the jet out. click here

Re: sputtering pinto

figured it out, combination clogged carb and bad float bowl. was not getting enough gas, just a trickle.

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