yamaha chappy loses power uphill

Sonya Tomlinson /

so my chappy ran for less than a mile with a bad mix of gas that was super low in oil. it puttered out- but the engine did not seize. i was able to get more oil into the gas, replace the spark plug and get it going again...but now it loses power going uphill. it's fine downhill and on flat ground- but it is only going 10mph uphill where it used to go 20mph. any suggestions?

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

It might not have any problem. 10-15mph uphill is typical for a moped that only does 30 on the flat. Did it run better up the same hill before?

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

Sonya Tomlinson /

yes, it was easily going 20 uphill prior to this incident.

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

Sometimes that's hard to judge.

Momentum, road debris, riding position can effect how you climb a hill in the ped. I can't get either of my peds to go 20mph up hill, maybe 10.

Mix your oil/gas in a separate container.

You should clean the carb out too, that might help.

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

Alexander Orange Moby Syndicate /

Poooooosssssibly fucked up your rings? I'd give the whole thing a general tuneup before I did anything drastic. Some of us WISH we got that fast uphill.


Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

Sonya Tomlinson /

alexander- you mean the rings in the cylinder right?

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

You know this is somehow related to a "bad" batch of gasoline, so check all the basic gas-related stuff.. Check and see if the carb is still clean and that fuel flow out of the tank is good.

... may have (during the panic) unintentionally changed something else that affects proper carburation.. perhaps throttle linkage or choke operation or something.

Maybe that new spark plug is a bit loose.. Double check everything/anything.

Although it ran on too little oil for a short stretch, moderate operation for less than a mile is nothing... unlikely to do serious damage. The engine already had an internal coating of oil and you did say the bad batch had some oil?


If the piston rings were damaged power would suffer a little... they would not seal as well and compression would be less, and pulling-torque would be less.

Since it runs normally on the flats, i'm kinda skeptical about the possibility of ring damage, although it's possible. Low results from a compression-test might reveal it if you already know what the normal, healthy compression on that engine should be.

Re: yamaha chappy loses power uphill

I have a Chappy and I need to set the fuel/air mixture.

Does anyone know what the settings should be?

It bogs down when I open the throttle.



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