Motobecane 50V stalls at stops

It seems as though as soon as the clutch disengages on my 50V, the engine stalls out. Whats the deal? It is a variated model. Thanks for any input.

Re: Motobecane 50V stalls at stops

you may need to richen that bad boy/girl up.

Re: Motobecane 50V stalls at stops

It may be that the clutch is NOT disengageing. so the engine is being forced to stop when the wheel stops turning.

I have had this problem with several mobies.

get some sanpaper, and run between the clutch drum, and the pads. Clean them up the best you can. (do not remove the clutch to do this)

I assume you have adjusted the idle.

you may have a clogged idle circuit as well. that is a little more tricky, and requires the removal of the diffuser. and a GOOD carb cleaning.

Get the bike idling on the stand so the back wheel starts spinning. apply the rear brake. that should tell you a lot

Re: Motobecane 50V stalls at stops

Make sure your variator is well lubricated! this can be accomplished with a grease gun and a needle fitting or a tip from a mech pencil...THANX MOPED ARMY!....there was at one time a gun made for this but just try and find one now. It may be that the clutch is not letting go. The engine may also stick in the fully back position and snap as it releases. This is especially true for high mileage machines or thos that have been left outside! give 2 or 3 pumps every 1,500 miles or so.Carb may also need cleaning...Good luck!

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