head gasket or no head gasket?

My 1.5 HP 2-speed Newport didn't have a head gasket on it when I bought it. I know some Puchs don't need one, but I don't know whether mine is one of them.

It's a 1.5 HP 2-speed with the high-torque cylinder. The cylinder has the number 11 stamped on top of it. The mating surface between the cylinder and head is flat, there's no groove or anything.

Do I need a head gasket?

Re: head gasket or no head gasket?

If ya got blow-by, then I'd put one in.

I make mine out of a sheet of copper.

Works awesome!

I don't know about the ones without. I've heard about it, just never seen it.


Re: head gasket or no head gasket?

Yea I don't use head gaskets but I put a piece of sandpaper on a thick sheet of glass and sand the heads and top of cyls to flatten them out. There are head gasket sealers like permatex that you can get to help seal it. They are made specifically for dressing head gaskets. You could use the stuff w/o a gasket

Re: head gasket or no head gasket?

Nor Cal Mopeds /

if you dont need one dont use it, you lose compression with them

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