Hi there,

does anyone have information about Motograziella moped, such owners and repair manuals?

I need that information in order to restore my moped.



Re: Motograziella

Post a photo of the engine. Maybe someone can recognize the make.

Are there any numbers on the engine at all?

Found some info

Apparently the bike was mad by the Carnielli company. Thr is a picture of one in the photo sction.

From doing a google search it appears that they were popular in England and Germany.

Good luck

Re: Found some info

You all right! It was made by Carnielli. I found a german website about it, but I'd like to find something in english (It's easer...).

I found someone in Australia who have some information and he'll send for me! In USA, there are some Graziella, not too much.

Thanks for the information, if I'd get more, I'll tell you.

all the best


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