Tomos A-3 running mostly, seal issues, intake, ???

Matthew Yeah /

Hey everyone,

I've got my Bullet running FINALLY, after putting some time into this last week (I've only owned it for 2+ years), but I'm having a few issues:

1. It's smokes excessively. I'm missing a base gasket, and it smoks a little bit around the exhaust port (new base and exhaust gasket on order), but the amount of white smoke pouring outta the exhaust is a bit much. I'm not running an airbox yet (again on order) but I have the filter and rubber neck in place. Any other ideas why it would smoke so much? Timing?

2. Took it for a spin, it revs great with no load, but dies down a lot when I'm on it. I've not timed it again for a while, but I think it's pretty close. I'll retime it in the next day or to, but what else could lead to significant power drop when I'm on it? Exhaust looks clear, so I don't THINK it's that, I'll investigate more later.

3. My petcock drips fuel just a little bit when closed, will this cause excess gas to run outta the carb? If so, where will it run out at? Also, does this carb (Encarwi) have a sealing washer or gasket for the jet tube? I can't see it in the exploded diagram at mopedwarehouse, just wanna make sure.



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