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It's pretty straightforward. Both cables just attach to a small plate on top of the carburetor, you loosen the screw that holds that plate on, pull on the cables, and the plate, throttle slide, and choke slide will all come out. When you re-insert them later, be sure to have the little nub on the throttle slide in the keyway properly! You don't want to have it out of the keyway when you tighten down on that plate, you could shear the nub off.

As far as cleaning goes, Francis' directions are generally good. You will want to push a wire through both of the holes in the inside of the bowl... the lower one leads to the main jet, and the upper one leads to the choke circuit. With the jet and choke slide out, you will see the wire come out the other side once you've pushed all the gunk (if any) out of the way.

I've attached a drawing with some pointers about the main jet. There is no gasket between the jet and the carb body, and I've found it necessary to wrap Teflon tape around the jet to prevent leaks here. You can probably ignore the last tip, it's just a paranoid compulsion of mine, but I like to align the hole through the side of the jet with the passageway from the bowl.

Don't try to remove the brass parts you'll find after removing the jet (there's a diffuser and something else in there...), I stripped the slot on my diffuser trying to get it out. You can just push a wire through, if necessary.

Make sure you have the pointy end of the float needle pointing up when you put the bowl cover back on. Good luck!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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