Puch Magnum starts/stops

in the past couple days my Magnum has started running a bit odd. starts up just fine and runs fine while im giving it gas, but whenever i come to a stop for more than 15 seconds or so it dies out pretty quick. however it starts back up again just fine after i pedal a bit. prior to a couple of days ago the engine wasnt dying out when id come to a stop. any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Re: Puch Magnum starts/stops

maybe the plug is fouling out.

Re: Puch Magnum starts/stops

Or maybe your idle screw is just vibrating out a little, and you need to turn it back in a bit?

Re: Puch Magnum starts/stops

i checked the spark plug and cleaned it, didnt help the problem. i then replaced it with a new one which also didnt really help the problem. however while changing the plugs i realized that the plug wasnt screwing all the way in, and it would seem that the thread about 1/2 way in must have been worn out because thats as far as itll go in. however i dont think this is the problem because before i changed the plug it was working fine. as for the idle screw, where on the bike might it be located and should it be screwed all the way in or how should it work?

Re: Puch Magnum starts/stops

Cleats Onionpockets /

the idle screw is on the carb, right above the float bowl. Screw it all the way in, and then a couple turns out and that should work. Or, while it's running, tighten it till the thing idles at the speed you want. Too fast and it'll engage the clutch and the bike'll roll away, too slow, and obviously, the thing will stall out.

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