Honda NU50M Takes Forever to Start!

Hey all,

My Urban Express has just recently started to give me a really hard time starting. It seems that it won't start unless I kick it and press the start button for about 45 mins. Once I have it started, a whole bunch of black gunk drips out between the start of the muffler and the exhaust port of the cylinder. Once I have it running for a good 15 - 30 mins, it starts up without any problems, but once I leave it alone for about 45 mins, I have to go through the whole routine of kicking and pressing the button for a long time. It really sucks when I'm out somewhere and I'm stuck in the parking lot trying to start my moped for alomost an hour!

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Honda NU50M Takes Forever to Start!

This could be a number of things wrong with your noped. First off, make sure your battery is charged. Most likely, your muffler is clogged with a lot of oil gunk. Best method is to take off the guard and put it in a fire, make sure it's not melting. Then bang out the carbon. You should also find an exhaust gasket. This will keep the header snug with the exhaust port so that no more gunk is coming out. It also sounds like your carburetor may have an issue, along with the automatic choke. Urban Express carbs are very evil when it comes with how dirty it is. I've heard that if you take apart the auto choke, that it's impossible to put back together. I wouldn't take my word for it but you can probably dip it in some carb cleaner, that will clear out the choke. Make sure to also clean the air filter element connected to the auto choke hoses. Try also cleaning the regular air filter. Lots of things could be wrong.


Re: Honda NU50M Takes Forever to Start!

Thanks, gives me a place to start :)

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