1993 Pacer

Hi everybody. I'm new here so I hope not to annoy anyone with this question, but I recently inherited a 1993 Hero Majestic Pacer? It funtions as a bicycle but I can't get the engine to run. It didn't come with any books and I'm not even sure what the different levers on the handlebars are for?

I know two are the brakes but I'm not sure on the others. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys

Re: 1993 Pacer

if there are two other, smaller levers, one probably activates a starting clutch. Pulling that will engage a small clutch that connects the pedals to the engine. Then you'd pedal and the engine turns and (hopefully) starts. Immediately disengage that lever after it starts.

Another lever may go to a decompression valve in the head. This valve releases presure in the cylinder.. it's a vent.

Venting all cylinder pressure makes it very easy to pedal-start the engine. Many people don't need this assistance but some do. Again, as soon and the engine starts up this lever is released and the vent-valve closes.

Follow the cables leading from all those levers. If they go to the engine block and to the head, it's most likely the above is their function.


Hang around for some Hero experts to notice your question. As far as getting hold of a manual you really should find one somehow..

I dunno how familiar you are with mopeds or 2-stroke engines in general but they do require some particularly important preparation before riding, like 2-stroke oil must be somehow mixed in with the fuel. Some bikes do this automatically with a pump and oil resevoir, or oil is pre-mixed with gasoline manually.

"Go here and read Fred's Guide at the top of the page":http://www.mopedriders.org/article_cat.php?fldAuto=2 for some tips on the care and feeding and rehabilitation of mopeds in general..

Also use the SEARCH function on this page.

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Re: 1993 Pacer

Hey thanks that helped. now rust in the gas tank? how do I get rid of it?

Re: 1993 Pacer

again, SEARCH.

you won;t have to look far .. my guess is about 15 new threads regarding cleaning / derusting tanks occured in the last week or so.

Do the Last 30 days search instead of All Dates.

1993 Pacer

about the the little levers... on the left side is for decompression as mentioned already and on the right side is the choke.

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