really weird puch 2 speed problem

Today I was riding, and i go up a steep hill and continue riding, then i had my 78 maxi II off, and when i went to go start riding it again, it would shake violently when ever it went to shift into second. once it was in second gear, there was no more shaking. another thing ive been noticing is this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kind of noise coming from the tranny when im going up a hill or when im going 20-27mph. And this has happened like 2 times- but if im riding in a hilly area, my moped will just stall and come to a stop like i just killed the engine. it makes a pretty loud zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise right when if first turns off. the moped has only 1700 miles on it. it has a very slow leak coming out of the tranny and im thinking maybe the oil is low, so ill check that tomorrow.

Re: really weird puch 2 speed problem

maybe your losing your main bearings

Re: really weird puch 2 speed problem

when i took the cover off of the tranny, i turned the bearings that were in the cover with my finger and they turned very very smooth.

Re: really weird puch 2 speed problem

I have this same problem... just let off when you shift into second. Are you running a stock Puch or is it modified?

Mine only has 1500, and it's a 1980, but it's still doing the same thing. The bearings are fine.. it's mainly the shudder from clutch-bounce.. it wants to grab, however it's stuck inbetween gears because there's not enough power, and too much strain... so it cant shift into second, but doesnt want to stay in first. I hope this makes some sort of sense... lol.

No worries... Just change the tranny fluid and ride it. Just go easy up hill when you come to the shift-point. Wind it up, and at 15mph, let off the throttle to let it shift into 2nd... then just catch it around 1/2 throttle to maintain a good pull... even if you have to slow down and let it shift back into first, complete, firm shifts are better than clutch-bounce.


Re: really weird puch 2 speed problem

i have a biturbo pipe and thats all. i was thinking that maybe my carb got clogged a bit and it wasnt getting fuel, so i cleaned the carb, and it still did it. I use type F oil in the tranny, correct?

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