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These are the same symptoms I am trying to work out right now.

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You have a service book?

Here is a carb diagram.

Under the main jet inside the carb housing is an "emultion tube" It introduces air into the jetted fuel to help atomize it and produce more efficent burning and more power.

That part can be tricky to remove, it's not threaded, it just slides in.

I used a Black and Decker screw extractor to remove mine and an easy out can work too.

Don't force it and damage it.

If you get it out clean the passage way with spray carb cleaner and clean thet emultion tube.

Mine was all clogged up. and others have had the same problem.

Also try adjusting the needle position on the slide by moving the clip.

It sounds like you are lean to me, you may have a bad gasket, bad reed seal, bad reed or loose screws on the reed plate.

This could also be a bad seal on the engine somewhere but lets start with the easyest and most obvious things because this is where most problems are cured.


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Dave Campman /

ya i have that emultion tube clean

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Dave Campman /

i have the manual too, thats teh nj part ur talkin about right, everything with a hole in it i can see through cleanly all the jets passages everything is clean

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How did that reed plate look?

Did you check it yet?

Your next step will be to do a leak down test to check the case for leaky seals.

You need to research this since I have little info about it.

Basically you plug the manifold and the exhaust port and put about 10 pounds air pressure in the case and it should hold the pressure for 10 minutes.


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Dave, make absolutely sure that your petcock is clean and allowing full flow of fuel to the carb. There is a prime postion that allows fuel flow without establishing vacuum. I have had the same symptoms on many other mopeds till I cleaned the petcock or put another petcock on. The pecock may have a filter or sock on it that is plugged with crap also. If the carb is starving for fuel the motor will stall under heavy acceleration. Also put some kind of airfilter on this bike. If the carb is starving for fuel, running without an air filter is just leaning the mix out even more. When you put your hand over the carb opening and it speeds up because you richening the mixture. Spend the $30 on the airfilter and try it. What is the ped worh if it only goes 10MPH? A KN filter isn't a bad idea either, about $25 and it flows better than the stock filter.

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Aaron In Bellingham WA /

I'm having the same problems with 3 of my FA50's. It get fuel but at WOT it bogs unless I let off on the throttle. What should I do with the side inlet on the carb? plug it or run it into the intake? I cleaned my carbs and hot tanked the mufflers. I even check ed the reeds......

It has a top speed of 22mph on all of them. It also runs better with the choke on WOT but stalls when I slow down.


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check for a restriction washer in the exhaust, where it goes into the head, if its there, drill it out.

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It dosen't have a restrictor washer. It runs the same with or without the exhaust.

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Where would I get the sheet aluminum? Would a pop can work to make a head gasket?

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> Mike Berkey Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Where would I get the sheet aluminum? Would a pop can work to make a

> head gasket?

You're asking on a 13 year old thread .

Why not simply buy an OEM gasket . They are available .




Short of that^ , you could use a piece of HD aluminum foil .

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