fa50 again

Whats the best fluid to put in an '86 suzuki fa50 transmission? Of course I don't have the manual for it and I've heard a few conflicting answers on this. Thank for any help!

Re: fa50 again

that bikes not all that old.. you called a Suzuki dealer yet about a manual?

Maybe Haynes or Clymer published one. Honda carrys them and i found one I needed..

cant help on the type of oil .. it could be anything from Type F tranny fluid to 30wt non-detergent motor oil.. gotta find out for sure from a manual.

Re: fa50 again

theres a cap on top u pour it into lol its a black cap stands right out

Re: fa50 again

wow i misread that wrong , the manual says 20w50 at any auto store , ex pepboys napa etc i can never find that so i used 20 w 40

Re: fa50 again

I live in California where the tem never gets too low or too high.

I user streight 30.

Make sure you drain the case and measure the new oil 500ml of 1/2 US quart.


Re: fa50 again

Thanks for the help everyone!

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