Magnum XK: Only 1 hole in header?

For anyone who has removed their header from the Magnum XK single speed version: Did you find, like I did when I found the header on the street, that it only has ONE hole drilled across it, rather than the three in the two speed headers. Also, it appears that the hole is smaller diameter and it definitely does not have a contour towards the back that the two speeds do; (almost looks like the holes were drilled and then the bit was pushed down towards the header to impress it). Also, the length of the header pipe is WAY longer than the Magnum two speeds (looks like nearly double or so). I initially intended to use this header because it was in better condition, but I think more research is needed.

Re: Magnum XK: Only 1 hole in header?

my stock magnum header has no holes. looks like you can write the magnum derestriction tutorial!

Re: Magnum XK: Only 1 hole in header?

C'mon, you're not screwing with me, are you joe? No holes?

I have to say, that the holes that are in my other two headers do not appear to be altered or "played' with; they are much too uniform to provide that idea. And I know that folks have had different numbers/sizes/blocks inside of Maxi header holes and dealt with them in different manners. But this is a Magnum and I gotta tell you that the header from this XK is just about as long as from a Maxi, except it doesn't have that threaded rod affixed to the end.

You mean nobody else was curious enough to take a look inside their exhaust pipe?

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