Razz problem need help

1986 Razz: seems to be a fuel problem but has me stumped. has tons of flow from the tank b-4 the flutter valve. seems to have enough flow after the flutter valve that should keep the float bowl full. Carb and all passages are clean I've been through several times trying to fix problem. Motor runs ver strong when it has fuel.

Problem is: it starts fine, ideas fine, takes off fine but then seems to run out of fuel if i back off the throttle a bit it catches up and starts to pull again until the same "No fuel" problem starts all over again. I'm out of ideas and am stumped, I don't get stumped by motors to often so this has become a personal challenge to get it going again.

any help would be great.

Thank You

more thoughts

More thoughts:

could this be 4 stroking ?

I also put some 114 octane fuel in it from the race track. Could this be the problem

Re: more thoughts

higher octane fuel burns slower and it's possible... i forget the reasons wqhy and dont feel like looking them up. Simple way to test is try some of the normal 87 stuff.

Air intake is as important as fuel. Check choke linkages .. may as well check all mechanical functions of the cables and throttle for that matter..

from the octane comment, i get the idea this bike has some modifications you didn't mention yet.

I had a similar problem on a modified bike and traced it to a float valve that was just too small for the required higher fuel flow. The carb allowed removal that valve seat and I installed one with a larger orifice. Problem solved.

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