rust removal from non-gastank parts

just got a benelli today and it has a bunch of surface rust. I plan on using phosphoric acid for cleaning out the gas tank, but what about surface rust on things like the shock absorbers, handle bars, etc? should i just use some diluted acid and steel wool?

also, anyone have any idea where to get benelli parts?


Re: rust removal from non-gastank parts

chrome doesn't rust so a lot of what you see comes up through pinholes from underlying iron/steel.. and it's easy to remove.. Use rust-remover or acid or whatever.

It's easy to scratch the chrome with steel wool.. start off with non-abrasive plastic pot scrubbers.

Bad pinholing with a rough chrome surface .. well.. i've sandblasted through the chrome and then painted because i only cared about removing rust .. looks were not important.

Dont use "muriatic" acid (hydrochloric swim pool chlorinator) .. it's one of the few acids that will eat chrome in a heartbeart.. the nickel and copper underplating is not nearly as pretty.

Re: rust removal from non-gastank parts

try a wadded up piece of alumanum foil.

Re: rust removal from non-gastank parts

SOS pads work great

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