Honda NC50 Questions

I have a '78 green NC50.

1) Is it harmful, over time, to run the bike with no air box? These things seem like the first things to go on these ol' boys. I've never seen this air box in person, and they're going for $50 on ebay. I don't wanna hurt the bike. Could a small screen do the trick?

2) Head light works, tail light doesn't. Everything's connected, bulbs are fine. Any suggestions?

3) Is a rusty tank okay as long as a fuel filter is in place?


Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Alexander Orange Moby Syndicate /

1) $50.00??? WTF?? You should be able to find one less than that. In the meantime, you can put a couple layers of pantyhose over the carb intake so no grit gets in there, but You'll have to rejet because it will lean out the fuel mixture.

2)no clue

3) ehhh... I'm doing it, that doesn't mean it's right. It'll clog the petcock eventually. At the very least get the worst of the rust out by filling it with nuts and bolts and shaking it around. But seriously, the carbs on these things are kind of touchy, so it's still prolly a bad idea.


Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Noah Odabashian /

if you are going to run with a rusty tank, at least put an inline fuel filter in.

When I got my express the carb was CAKED with rust, not from itself, but from the tank, the intake filter had cracked. It took a week+ to clean it right.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Jonas Quimby /

Running without an air filter is a great idea if you want an excuse to buy a new bike. Otherwise, get a filter on there really soon.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Your local lawn mower shop may have an air filter that will clamp on to the carb. without one any dust that gets in the motor will wear out your rings faster than normal.

use a volt meter to test the rear light bulb, or a test light will work too. All 3 of the wires for the tail light should have continuity between them (connection) so disconnect the wires and get the tail light separate, then check with the bulb installed, no matter how you test, there should be continuity.

Also check the main leads that follow under the tank, i believe the brown wire should your positive lead. The solid green is ground. If you have black wires, those are for the turn signals, dont worry about those for now.

The rust in your tank will always slowly break down, ive attemped to clean mine 2 or 3 times, but still more comes out, hence the importance of an inline filter. If you remove the petcock, a whole bunch of junk may fall out, this is good, clean out as much as you can for now.

let us know if theres anything else we can help with.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Thanks for the replies everyone. As of now the bike runs like a dream, except the tail light.

I may come back with a few more questions about that.

the NC50 is the best old bike i've ever ridden, i just needed some 2nd opinions.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions here is a site with the manual online i know i have repeated it but it is the only place i found the manaul for it 77 to 81 na50 nc 50 express and express2

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

I have a 1980 Express nc50, it didn't come with an airbox either. I fabricated a housing but can't find anything to work as a filter. When installed the bike is a bitch to start.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

Aaron in Bellingham /

I bought a valve filter and a rubber grommet with a clamp at a auto parts store called Schucks, Advanced would also have the for under 20.00.

Re: Honda NC50 Questions

1. as long as nothing gets into the carb that isn't supposed to be there your alright.

2. check the ground on that light or add one if it doesnt have on it could be a bad ground.

3.if the fuel filter is there i dont see any harm in leaving it the way it is but i would still try and get all the crap out of it


yeah, i did somethin bad


heres what happened, no air box, revving the bike up on the stand to WOT... then BLAM SNAP CRACKLE POP!!!! and it kept running a little then died and started smoking....


up until this point ive never had an air box, now i might fab something up.

i honed out all the scoring on the cylinder and i have a new piston on order from about 30 bucks after shipping. everything should go back together just fine, but i think i will be a little more careful, i can buy a few 30 dollar pistions, but that could get old!

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