Tried Everything, Wont Start!

This thing is kicking my but! I have tried everything, by my newly acquired 1987 MotoMarina will not come to life. This moped looks great, with only 1900 miles on the odometer. What have I tried. It as good spark, good enough compression, new carburator (also tried with starting fluid), checked adjusted te point gap, used a timing light to check ignition timing (23 BTDC). I am at my getting a little bit frustrated. Maybe my timing light is off (it is an adjustable timing light). Maybe my compression gauge is off (it registered 80psi, and te cylinder looks good)? HELP! Feel free to call me with suggestions, my number is 1-772-979-6515.


Re: Tried Everything, Wont Start!

that is decent compression. keep everything very basic. no air filter or muffler, no fuel filter, make sure your carb is clean and working properly, good spark, and keep an eye on the condition of the plug. a spare carb might be a good idea. some carbs just don't want to work. timing could be off, but that's not likely.

Re: Tried Everything, Wont Start!

see if there's carbon build up on the piston and cylinder. take off the head and if there's carbon all around the spark plug, take a knife and very carfully scrape the carbon off the head. the same thing happened to mine, so it's a possibility.

Re: Tried Everything, Wont Start!

Run it without the muffler.... Spray starting fluid in the beast! Come on man, think backwoods... not everything has to be cut and dry!

Re: Tried Everything, Wont Start!

80 PSI is rally low. I alwys say that under 100 PSI is a problem. You might want to replace your rings, or overbore your cylinder.

check fuel again, maybe?

It sounds like the spark is fine. I would take the fuel line off the carb and see if it clogged. But if it is the gas than your getting no gas, but if you tried lighter fluid and stll no kick. Sounds like it must be compression I'de guess. Open it and check for cracks and all that stuff. You said the cylinder is fine, but you sound unconfident about the compression. Alls I can say is sounds like I'm glad I'm not fixing it.

Good luck!

Re: Tried Everything, Wont Start!

Ben Van Zoest /

You may have sticky rings, I have always used Marvel Mystery Oil on two strokes which I drip on the rings through the intake manifold than work the piston back and forth by flywheel. It actually improved the compression on my Puch in such a way that he is difficult to peddle start. Actually accelerates uphill!

Keep it too the basics

The basics:

Remember all systems can be broken down to the basic elements and while running well is the goal, the irreducible components define if it will run at all.


Take a compressor and air hose, spray through your carb and make sure that it is sucking fuel into the mix. This will sometimes expose a clogged passage in the carb.

alternate- if it does not start with starter fluid you may be spraying toooo much into system (its not a car so you dont need much)


Its not good enough to take out the plug and see if it sparks when turned over, because it tells you nothing about the normal opperation. You may have carbon tracking some other place. Wash plug boots and point area with Isopropyl to remove all oil and carbon.

ALSO: make sure that your points are VERY clean (some 600 grit sandpaper should clean them fine)


You can do a quick check of timing without the timing light as follows. Use a thin dowel or something of the sort into plug hole. Mark at TDC and BDC. Rotate the engine by hand in direction of rotation and mark location of point release (use a mutli meter not your eyes)


If it blows it goes. You dont need good compression for it to run, only for it to run well. You should not have an issue here.


If you have valves in your system you may need to use some penetrating oil or something to make sure that they are not stuck. Others here are likely to know more than I since I dont do 2-C valves.


If gas is REAL old the vaporization may be a factor but not likely.

Electrical Other:

Your system may have a short from ignition to ground (how they usually workit in key'd system), make sure that there is nothing grounding out the electrical system on the ignition side.

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