Anyone spoked new rims?

I was cleaning out my shed recently and came across my old Magnum (1981) rear spoked wheel. This was the one that the bearing got chewed up in. The original hub has 17,000 miles on it and it still has braking power, but the chrome is pretty rusted (the front rusted through). So it got me to wondering: Since these hubs can last so long and you can still buy chrome (unspoked) rims for a fraction of the cost of mags, has anyone had experience doing just that? Taking the old hub and spokes and respoking a new rim? Any problems? What about doing the initial work and bribing a bike (or motorcycle) mechanic into doing the truing? I did research and one mechanic (bicycle) states that a top mechanic could build the ENTIRE rim in an hour. So how much do bike mechanics charge hourly? Get my drift?

Re: Anyone spoked new rims?

With a little research and a sample wheel you can do it your self including the truing.

The trick is to tighten the spokes evenly a little at a time till it starts to tighten up, then tighten them evenly and adjust for any runout. If it wavers to the left, tighten the spokes on the right ajacent to the waver and vica versa.

Run it for a while and check again as the spokes settle in you will have to re tighten.

My first wheel build was a 40 hole 3 speed hub into a 36 hole rim. It was a challenge but it still runs strong and true to this day after many years of use.


Re: Anyone spoked new rims?

most shops should charge $40-60 an hour for shop time, lacing a wheel is pretty mindless, it just takes time, trueing a wheel is simple, best done with a dial indicator, but really, you could do it with a vice, and a jig made up with some scraps of wood.

I don't know where you get new rims from, I've been looking for some alloy rims to lace up, but they get pricy.

Re: Anyone spoked new rims?

Found some chrome rims for sale in Europe Email me and I'll try to find the sites (again).

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