Carb idle screw or throttle cable?

Before I start something I might Maxi engine was revving WAY too high at a idle, we checked everything we could think of and finally had to take it to a guy to look at.

He had the same problem and (eventually) found a tiny crack in the underside of the 14mm intake not visible from the top, changed it and the rpms came down. But now it will NOT continue running at stop signs/lites, which makes it hard to brake and continue to provide fuel.

Should I touch the idle screw FIRST or try to adjust the throttle cable length first? Bike runs just fine the rest of the time (especially considering it's a low torque stock bike).

Carb idle screw or throttle cable?

Check where the throttle cable housing inserts into the throttle twist grip thingy on handle bar, may not be inserted all the way, I had that trouble on my Puch Maxi when I first got it and had cleaned the carburator and had jiggled the housing loose. Reinserted it and my motor idled normally.

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