Puch Magnum MKII

So a buddy of mine recently passed on his old moped to me. as of a year ago when he was using it he claims it ran fine but now for whatever reason its not. When i peddal i can hear the engine trying to catch but it wont start up. Really i am a beginner with mopeds and small engines so i was hoping someone might be able to suggest a link or a book to check into regarding magnum MKII repair and cleaning, as well as a diagram of the mopeds parts etc. any insights or illuminations would be much appreciated. thanks.


Puch Magnum MKII

Go here for starters. Fred's guide is good for starters. The Dempsey repair manual is good and so is the repair manual for the Puchs. Good luck.

Re: Puch Magnum MKII

hey brys thanks for such a quick reply looks like i'll have something to keep my busy tonight.

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