Sparta Sachs 504/1A questions (Clutch etc)

So I have a Sparta Buddy with the Sachs 504/1A engine. Bike is in good shape. When I bought it the guy did a good job replacing any worn part, adjusted the timing and replaced the clutch plates. He showed me the basics.

After having put maybe 75 miles on it I have noticed a few things and was hoping for some help from you guys.

1) The bike takes off alright and tops out at 30. At 10-12mph the chain kind of shakes and it feels like the clutch is responsible for it. Its kinda rough. I know its a one speed, so I know its not changing gears. It only lasts for 2-3 seconds, and then smooths out. Other wise its fine, idles well etc.

Is this roughness for a few seconds normal? Should I be concerned.

2. Second, I hear a faint high pitch noise that sounds like its coming from the cyclinder. Compression is fine. It comes and goes. Could this be bearing?

3. How much slack should be in my chain?

Thanks in advance!

- David

Re: Sparta Sachs 504/1A questions (Clutch etc)

The weird noise and false shifting is normal with sachs.

I'm not sure about #2, but you should make sure your sparkplug, intake, and decompression valve are all tight. also make sure you aren't leaking fuel onto a hot part of the motor.

The chain should have a little deflection when you are sitting on the ped. Is should be tight enough that it's not slapping any of the frame .

If the chain is thrashing around while you ride, your swingarm may be out of alignment. It's a matter of moving the bushing it rides on and making sure the chain is straight between the two sprockets.

Re: Sparta Sachs 504/1A questions (Clutch etc)

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

The swingarm is all well, no thrashing. I will check the decompression valve, as I suspect that it is.

- David

Re: Sparta Sachs 504/1A questions (Clutch etc)

don't fuss with the decomp too mutch, they break pretty easy.

It's usually a pbbbttttt noise if the valve itself is bad.

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