Kamasura Clutch Bad?

Ok so i was riding my kamasura to the coffee shop. everything normalish, the throttle has a nasty habit of sticking which it did, the engine revved way so i put on the brakes to slow down and cut the throttle, at that point the clutch broke loose. Not sure what happend but I'm guessing a some of the clutch material broke loose or something. I've been using ATF in the tranny which was recommended to me. Could that be my problem?

I doubt whether I can buy parts for this thing in which case is there a way to repair the clutch using clutch material and gluing it to the plates?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Kamasura Clutch Bad?

Daniel Boone (MSN: Frontier) /

What kind of Kamasura do you have. Does it look like a motorized bike, or does it actualy look like a moped?

Re: Kamasura Clutch Bad?

I think i've got it, there's a nut which holds the pressure plates together which had come loose thus separating the clutch. Should be an easy fix thank god. I have a moped looking thing. Not sure of the model but it's red and white and is made in 87. Any idea what fluid I should use in the clutch/tranny?

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