Alternative seat for a pinto

Just got a jc penny pinto. Anyone have any suggestions for a long seat that will lay further back. I hate sitting so straight up when I ride. Also any tips on good handle bars for a pinto. What kind of mods have you done and what should i try.

Re: Alternative seat for a pinto


Re: Alternative seat for a pinto

I have Tomos handlebars on my Pinto, they're almost the same size as stock, just a little shorter. Just about any bars should fit, as long as you're willing to modify your cables a bit. 1977 mopeds has some really tall ones...

Re: Alternative seat for a pinto

I dunno what seat comes on a pinto, but on my snark, I took the bycicle style seat off and ordered a 78 indian long seat and put it on the back of my ped on whats supposed to be the cargo rack/shelf thing. So now I sit over the back wheel all low. Looks very sweet and the seat is so easy to mount because it has a flat metal bottom. Also makes wheelies VERY easy because youre sitting back so far. Any handlebars will fit as long as its the same diameter pipe. Look on ebay-just punch in handlebars. Most bycicle bars will work also, and theres a bunch of ebay stores that have some sick high bars and low bars. Check check check it out!

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