yankee peddler wiring diagram?

Midlife Crisis Alan /

Anyone have something that will work for this? I'm assuming they're similar to other Minarelli V1 bikes - trying to help a friend ressurect one. We have a motron parts bike, so all the wiring should be there, just need to get it in the right order. Much appreciated if anyone can help!

Re: yankee peddler wiring diagram?

Hey Alan stop helping me and everyone else fix up peds until you put some balls on your magnum! Or make people give you 5 bucks for help. You would have enough for your kit/pipe by now.


Re: yankee peddler wiring diagram?

Midlife Crisis Alan /
alan OP

Ha! Seriously -

$1 for carb tuning advice

$2 if I have to turn a screw or adjust something

and then $40/hr if I have to get my hands dirty. Sounds reasonable, and I'd be Polini bound in about 14 minutes.

yankee peddler

.. Hello my name is Sid. I live just outside Boston Ma. u s a

wondering if anyone can lead me to a wiring diagram and or

parts or specifications for my 1977 , does anybody know what

the specs. for the coil are...

or does anyone know what other moped parts i can use for

throttle and transmission / c lutch

Thanks so much for any info or advise on these matters.


Re: yankee peddler

Dedadeeee this moped is a 1977 F M B Minarelli Yankee Peddler.

is is that's what's bothering you, " Bunkie " i mean Sid ! ?

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