Blinker help! NC50... and exhaust mod results

I have got the blinkers all wired up and everything works great except the blinking part! The flasher that came with the bike is junk, 100% rusted from being left outside.... So I bought a flasher at Ace. I think the number on it is 552. I plug the thing in, no blinking. What do I need to make it blink?! A capacator? Resistors?

Also... Results of exhaust porting on my honda express= 5MPH gain, if not 6 or 7 on flat ground, top end. Pushes above 30 easily. Acceleration is the same as b4, if not a little slower. I havent totally tuned out the idle yet, but it runs well so far. The motor definiltey revs higher with ease on the stand. It sounds more like a leaf blower now. No air box either as of right now.

I would reccommend this mod to any NC50 owner looking for 5 more MPH.

heres the link, however I only polished the transfer ports, I did not modify them, and I'm still using a head gasket.

Re: Blinker help! NC50... and exhaust mod results

Jonas Quimby /

The Express is a 6 volt electrical system. A flasher for a 12 volt system, or for a car probably won't work. You'll want to find a 6 volt flasher for a motorcycle somewhere.

Re: Blinker help! NC50... and exhaust mod results

I tried a 12v Buss flasher for my NC50 today and it is working just fine. It's also only about $1.50 instead of the $30 or so dollars Honda will get you for. I hope it keeps on ticking for some time. We'll see.

Re: Blinker help! NC50... and exhaust mod results

hmmm, thats the exact part i have. I'll try it again because it only says 12V max, so 6 should work. I still have other electrical problems though because i blew out my headlight and blinkers today, even with a fully charged battery installed. this is on the bike with the modded exhaust, so it revs a bit higher, could be the magneto is just putting out too much juice. I might need a voltage regulator or just dont use the lights at WOT... fricken honda's! haha

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