ciao speed question

Hello all,

So, just curious, how fast should a stock vespa ciao with the single gear transmission (not the variator) go? It's the deluxe model with turnsignals, not that that would make a difference, but anyway...


Re: ciao speed question


take off your sidecovers. there should be a decal that lists the top speed of your vespa. 20 25 or 30

Re: ciao speed question

it will not be a 30mph, most likely a 25. you either have a 12.10 with a 11-1 or a 12.7 with a 14.1.

its really easy to swap a single speed hub and clutch with a variator and variable speed hub.

Re: ciao speed question

11-1? 14.1? What are these things? The gear ratio?

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