hellllp!!!! need parts info

Danny Emerson /

now i know this is moped army and what im about to do may cross a line but..... if someone could please inform me of a site where i can order derbi scooter replacement parts i would greatly appreciate it. yes i know that its a scooter but do to the increase in gas prices i needed gas mileage and good road time so i bought a derbi atlantis(55mph yall no bullshit!!), the only prob is that in order to get it on the road there are 2 v shaped plastic bushing thingys that are housed inside the drive pulley in the cvt that are missing. it also needs a starter gear but is not a neccesity as the kick start still works. if anyone can tell me where to order these parts it would be greatly appreciated. and once again i thank you all for your time and patience with my short story like posts.


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