TFR speedo light

Hello all

I have an 03 TFR that was bought "new" 1 year ago, and has 1400 miles on it. Nice little bike. Added signals, bike pannier bags, and a rack. I did a tune-up and changed the gear oil. I've been through 1 rear tube (nail). All work except tube replacement myself. Easy bike to work on, if you ask me. I work on many other things too.

Six months after I bought it, and part of this might have been my inattention - I noticed the speedo was lit on a ride home at dusk. It seems to always have been intermittent. Recently, I changed the headlight bulb, and checked it, and its contacts, along with every other connection inside the box. It was very tiny and its filament was hard to see. It looked ok. It was ok. The thing lit, today, for about 20 min. But then it went out. I suppose tomorrow morning it might light up, but maybe not.

Is this normal behavior with these, or do I need to replace it? Can anyone give me a common manufacturer's replacement part number for it?

Thanks again


Re: TFR speedo light

No that is not normal. Mostly likely the filmit is bad but keeps welding itself back together. Suggest replace bulb.

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