spark plug query - help pls?

Trying to track a problem.

Apparently I have no spark. On other bikes I am used to taking out the plug, sticking it back in the cable and kicking the engine to check for a spark while the plug is out.

I've got a new bike with a plug cable that has a metal sleeve which extends down to the nut on the plug.

I've got no spark BUT does that sleeve inhibit the normal way I could check for a spark - ie earth/ground it in some way so it doesn't show at the end of the plug or when the plug is touched against the metal body work?



Re: spark plug query - help pls?

Jason Luther /

that 'sleave' is a resistor type plug end. puchs always have them, but other italian peds do not. if the cap is not a resistor type, then the spark plug has a resistor built into it. this so the plug firing does not interfer with radio transmissions in the immediate area. so long story short, checking for spark is the same. just make sure only the tip of the plug is touching metal, and not anything else

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