ive been working on my garelli rally sport for a month and it seems there is no hope.

i think it is the carb. even though it looks great.

Should i buy a new carb.

I have

- re-coated the gas tank with a cream kit.

- Cleaned my fuel valve

- Burned the carbon out of my muffler and header

- Put new piston rings on it

- Changed the oil in the case

- Cleaned my carb

- Adjusted the slide & the idle every which way.

- Replaced the gaskets

- Cleaned and adjusted my timing points

- Replaced the spark plug

All of this and it will not idle and after several miles of riding will bog out and not start.

Re: SHOULD I Spend the mONEY - - - PLEASE HELP M

also have tried fuel mixtures

Re: SHOULD I Spend the mONEY - - - PLEASE HELP M

i wouldn't give up just yet .. are there any other symptoms or does the thing ride just great otherwise?

have you done any performance modifications to the stock bike?

you dont list carb adjustments like float level and idle mixture.. was it an oversight? Check for vacuumn leaks?

more clues would be nice .. anything, no matter how inconsequential they may seem..

Re: SHOULD I Spend the mONEY - - - PLEASE HELP M

I have not done any performance yet, but am considering buying a 15.15 delorto carb, a new compression head, and a new polini exhaust.

when it starts it runs like a champ.

how would i go about checking for vacuum leaks???

thank you for your help.

Re: SHOULD I Spend the mONEY - - - PLEASE HELP M

if there's an old dried out shrunken or cracked gasket between the carb and engine, air will get sucked in, making idle near impossible.

Also, this extra air intake can lean out the mixture, possibly overheat the engine causing mild seizure, loss of power and hard restarting.

Easy way to check is to just look closely.. if a gasket's condition is questionable make a new one. If a nut or bolt's threads are questionable, fix it.

You might try spraying some propane (unlit torch of course) around the intake manifold area with the engine running at a low, steady speed.. listen closely for a change in RPM, which would indicate propane is getting sucked into the leak.

I always use a coat of Permatex 2 (non-hardening gasket sealant) on the intake gaskets and metal surfaces to insure that there are no leaks .. the stuff can cure a gasket leak that is not too bad.


check all the bolts and nuts.. head bolts, etc.

It's possible the vacuum leak can be at the base of the cylinder too.. and since the top-end was disassembled recently it's not so unlikely.

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