No spark on my maxi

Hey, so I tried a new plug, cleaning and resetting and resetting and resetting the point gap, I reset the plug gap, I put a new plug wire on. BUT I am still not geting any spark. What should I do? Is it feasable that there is a bad ground or something or maybe my coil went out. The ped was running awesomely and then it just died and I have not been able to get it going since then. I have tried the points at everything from .014-.019 and still nothing, If I hold the plug against one of the fins on the cylinder while cranking it I get no spark. Any Ideas please help I need my maxi back. Thanks.

Re: No spark on my maxi

See Ya Moped Army /

You quite possibly have a bad condensor. I would suspect that before the coil.

Re: No spark on my maxi

Ben Van Zoest /

Try getting a spark by using a piece of wire direct from the coil output to ground this bypasses the plug cap.

Re: No spark on my maxi

Look over your entire wiring. If a small part of a wire is exposed and becomes grounded, that could be it.

Also, check your tail light cause alot of peds require a working tail light to complete the circuit .

Also I see that you've gapped your points, but are they timed correctly?

Re: No spark on my maxi

Jason Luther /

follow bernards advice. i it still doent spark check the coil with an ohm meter for continuity. and keep working your way around

Re: No spark on my maxi

i have had this issue a lot with the kind of maxi's i buy, the thing is to isolate the variables, if your points are good, the coil is grounded and set up properly, the switch is ok, blah blah, you know all the simple things, start small. i dont know what shape yours is in, but from the ones i deal with the wiring is fucked. i have never had any issue with puchs and having a bad tail light casue spark failure. i ground everything, especially the horn, if it looks all shity and hacked up it probably has an open ground. so what you wanna do is take all those wires from the magneto, except your blues, and ground them properly to the frame/engine block. connect the 2 solid blues and hook up your coil with the plug and try that, if thats it keep working your way reconnecting the wires until you find the fault. oh also the spark plug caps can go bad just buy a new NGK one for 2 bucks it doesnt hurt

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