Gas Tank Repair

In my motorized skateboard project, I have the original gas tank for the weed eater. There's about a 3/8 inch hole from where the primer pump was. I put a bolt, washer and nut and closed it up but it still leaks a little bit. What type of materials can I use to patch it up? Do I need to get some fiberglass? Gasket paper? The gas tank is a plastic material.


Re: Gas Tank Repair

best would be to "solder" a patch from the same type of plastic as the tank is made of.. probably high density polyethylene (spare gas tanks are made of that)

Look on the bottom of a plactic container for the recycling mark.. should say HDPE .

fiberglass, like Bondo, is polyester.. gasoline would dissolve it in a second. Epoxy-glass would work but is too expensive. Since the tank is very flexible i wouldn't count on other epoxies, like JB Weld to last long.

paper gaskets are an option if you want do not want to permanantly plug the hole

Re: Gas Tank Repair

guess i should mention how to patch it .. with a soldering iron.

cut a patch slightly larger than the hole and trace around it's edge with the hot soldering iron .. you wanna melt both surfaces together.

Cut a few long thin strips of plastic to add to and fill the joint if needed, as if you were stick welding. If you see lots of smoke the iron is too hot.. move faster or use a variable light switch to regulate the iron's heat.

btw, they do make hot-air stick welders for plastic.. the hot air prevents overheating..

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