Cylinder Base Flange Gasket

I got about everything I need to put together my '58 Allstate. I didn't get that gasket that sits at the base of the cylinder. What do you guys recomend to use? I've got some regular gasket material, but is there anything I should NOT use?

No, I wouldn't use cork, like a valve cover gasket's made of....



Re: Cylinder Base Flange Gasket

Any fuel/oil proof gasket paper will work. The only thing worth worrying about is inadequate piston-to-head clearance, so use something as thick or thicker than the original gasket thickness.

Re: Cylinder Base Flange Gasket

Cool, I'm on my way over.

Thanks, Joe!

Pray for my ride across town! I'm taking the malfunctioning Peugeot 102.


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