Tomos dying on gunning

If I gun my Tomos it dies, if I ease it up it will run, but doesn't seem to make full power.

Cleaned the carb, exhaust, stock pipe, stock jet. Is this still a carb issue? Plug? Timing?

It's a 93 TTLX, A35 that's been run through the ringer, I mean hammered. Someone was using it as a dirtbike and doing jumps...

Re: Tomos dying on gunning

If everything's clean, i'd suspect it's likely to be a mechanical thing.. perhaps the carb cable and linkage. When it moves fast something gets jammed, but move it slowly and it's ok.

Since the bike was abused and banged around a lot of things are more probable than on a pampered street bike.. like a cracked casting .. loose nuts and bolts, etc. A close examination with an eye towards the unusual might be worth the trouble.

Re: Tomos dying on gunning

Sounds like a ground problem to me, make sure the ground wire is making good clean contact with the frame,

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