Bing needle notches?

What are those little notches for on the needle that connects inside the round slide on a Bing carb? Gas flow?



Re: Bing needle notches?

the needle is tapered.

as it is pulled farther out of it's "needle jet" more fuel is allowed to pass by it.

The needle primarily affects mid-range mid-throttle air:fuel ratio..

The notches allow you to tune the carburetor's mid range response..

A higher notch lowers the needle position. A needle that is lowered allows less fuel past the needle because a thicker part of the needle's taper is clogging the jet.

a lower notch raises needle position and allows more fuel to flow.

Go ahead and try it.. Take a run up and down the street.. Then change the notch position to the lowest and highest notches.. Get a feel for what needle position does around mid throttle..

Re: Bing needle notches?

☂Bob Hansen✄ /
bob OP

cool thanks i'll try that!

I'm used to Dellorto's from vespa scooters.

it dosent work the same w/a round slide.


Puddle Cutters M.C.

Re: Bing needle notches?

☂Bob Hansen✄ /
bob OP

I meant flat slide

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