bad float level?

my moped dies almost instantly when given any less than 1/3 throttle

is this the float level that causes it to die

i know its not bad gas cause i cleaned everything out twice

Re: bad float level?

When an engine comes off idle there needs to be an immediate, rich supply of fuel available.

Opening the throttle causes a sudden vacuum drop in the carb and intake manifold. The engine is already running at very low RPM and air speed through the carb is very slow. So, the vacuum signal in the carb's venturi is weak. It cannot instantly draw up fuel from the bowl. There's a short lag-time before fuel gets moving.

A lot of bikes experience a serious 'bog' coming off idle for this reason. It takes a moment for the engine to speed up and air flow to speed up and fuel to be drawn up. If float level is low, the situation is aggravated and yes, the engine may die lean due to a low float level and lack of fuel.

But without any more clues, it's hard to determine that this is the problem.. especially since you seem to be saying that if you give it more than 1/3 throttle it does not die..

So there could be other issues.

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